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Important Note: The term 'Vegan Police' is in common usage in various countries of the world. It refers to extremely critical, elitist vegans who put other people down. It in no way refers to actual law-enforcement officers and we do not claim to be such! This is a humour based site. If you are looking for general information about veganism check out some of the sites on our vegan links section

Check out this link for more information http://2yum.me/equipment/best-waffle-makers The self-appointed Vegan police men and women of this world perform an invaluable service to humanity. They point out our many failings which otherwise might go un-noticed or (God Forbid!*) tolerated. Also known as 'The Angry Vegan Brigade' and 'the Scourge of Veganity', these tireless individuals strive endlessly for the perfection of others (while blissfully ignoring their own faults - a prerequisite for entry to all ranks except constable). 

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*The Vegan Police force is non-demoninational so we would encourage you to replace the word 'God' with any deity (or vegan celebrity, admired perfect vegan etc.) of your choice.

We must point out that the police ranks are entirely general and not based on any particular individual (though there's probably a little bit of the detective inspector in us all) and that our intention is to amuse, not offend.